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  • People Who was involved in the relief effort in Europe and in the US?
  • Shoes, Clothes and Food What did the foot tracings look like? What items were sent to Europe?
  • Letters What was written in the letters to and from Europe?
  • Stories How did relief effort get started? What else happened? How where the tracings re-discovered?
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Lita's Story of the Tracings

TracingsWhen I was cleaning out my grand- mother’s attic after her death, I found a dusty box stuffed with aged yellowed envelopes. I was intrigued when I lifted out the first envelope, it had a German stamp postmarked 1947 and inside were two paper foot tracings. The next envelope also contained foot tracings and the next and the next. Some were cut out in the shape of feet, others were drawn on paper, tracing the outline of an entire family’s feet, the littlest in the center with larger tracings growing outward like rings on a tree stump. more »

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