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Letters to Europe

Letter to Dr Kramer - January 1947

Fran wrote letters to Gustav Kramer and Erwin Stresemann in early 1947. They both replied but Dr. Kramer followed up with many more letters.

Letter to Dr Stresemann

Erwin Stresemann (November 22, 1889 - November 20, 1972) was one of the outstanding ornithologists of the 20th century. From 1921 onwards he was in charge of the bird department of the Berlin Zoological Museum, and encouraged a number of young German scientists, including Ernst Mayr who went on to become a quite famous evolutionary biologist at Harvard. His major publication was the volume Aves (1927 - 1934) in the German Handbook of Zoology. He also wrote Entwicklung der Ornithologie (1951), a review of the development of ornithology from Aristotle to the present, translated into English in 1975.